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Alyssa London is deeply passionate about the concept of identity and how it is formed, she explores her own Alaska Native and European heritage and helps others answer the question of “Who am I” for themselves. She believes that by combating identity issues it can reduce systemic societal issues that she has seen as pervasive in her own community such as mental health, poverty, and alcoholism.


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As a small business owner, I encourage other women to achieve self-sufficiency and financial independence through entrepreneurship. I bring a voice to business owners in the travel and tourism industry through my weekly radio show on KOAN and volunteer my on-camera and on-air media skills to the Alaska Native Media Group to tell the stories of Alaska Native History and culture. I support language and cultural revitalization efforts by doing Development work at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. I am also a brand representative for Nike N7 which promotes Native American health and wellness particularly for youth.

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