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Alyssa London is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and media personality. She absolutely loves positively impacting the lives of women and inspiring them on a path to entrepreneurship. She recognizes that by causing women to look at having a business, and to doing something that comes from their own minds leads them to finding their own independence and achieving self-sufficiency. Helping women achieve their goals is one way she sees she can contribute to breaking the glass ceiling.


Alyssa is an enrolled tribal citizen of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. She is of the Eagle moiety and Killerwhale clan.

In February 2017, Alyssa was crowned Miss Alaska USA. She is the first Alaska Native Tlingit woman to gain this title.

Alyssa’s Tlingit name is Yáx̱ Ádi Yádi which was given to her by the late tribal leader Clarence Jackson and means “precious child.”

A graduate from Stanford University, Alyssa is also a business entrepreneur. She’s devoted herself to the culture, art, and economic development of indigenous people through Our Culture Story, a business she founded in 2014 that brings awareness to the vitality of Alaska Native cultures through storytelling and selling artisan pieces.

“I am committed to upholding the values of my people and sharing the beauty and vitality of our culture with the world.”

Alyssa travels throughout Alaska and to the Lower 48 to visit schools, hospitals, cultural events, and other venues to share her message with children, teens, and women on the importance of embracing one’s heritage, taking education seriously, and living the life you envision with business entrepreneurship.

Alyssa could be the first Alaska Native/American Indian woman to become Miss USA and compete for the Miss Universe title.

Follow Alyssa as she represents Alaska Native/American Indian people on her journey as Miss Alaska USA and road to the internationally televised Miss USA 2017 pageant!


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