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Alyssa London is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and media personality. She absolutely loves positively impacting the lives of women and inspiring them on a path to entrepreneurship. She recognizes that by causing women to look at having a business, and to doing something that comes from their own minds leads them to finding their own independence and achieving self-sufficiency. Helping women achieve their goals is one way she sees she can contribute to breaking the glass ceiling.


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As a small business owner, I encourage other women to achieve self-sufficiency and financial independence through entrepreneurship. I bring a voice to business owners in the travel and tourism industry through my weekly radio show on KOAN and volunteer my on-camera and on-air media skills to the Alaska Native Media Group to tell the stories of Alaska Native History and culture. I support language and cultural revitalization efforts by doing Development work at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. I am also a brand representative for Nike N7 which promotes Native American health and wellness particularly for youth.

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